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Rating 20%
Usage: Toll-free
Area Code: 888
International Number Format: +18884748464

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100% Scam
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responded “Scam”
0% Telemarket
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0% Harassment
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0% Debt collector
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Jason 17.04.2020
Unsafe Scam
I called after looking online for Google support , the guy took over MT laptop and stayed saying he needed me to get a Google play card to verify my info to change my password for my gmail . they scanned me out of 120 trying to get my gmail that's been breached and took over my account pretending there google support.

Larissa 17.04.2020
How did they get the 120 from you ? Did you purchase the play card?
Kim baker 24.06.2020
Unsafe Scam
I called that number try to recover my email account and i called this number 1888-474-8464 the person on the other end wanted me to go and get a Google verification card and then it was a Google card. He also gave me the same number that's up here in other people's blogs 1-805-855-7145
High Alert 01.05.2020
Unsafe Scam
Indian sounding pretending to be “G Desk” Google help desk for Google Support on Google Call Centre Number +18884748464 for G Desk advertised on “Google Ads” by Google website secure.google.com on google searches for Google password recovery - be on high alert dont call this number. This scam is also linked to this number +18058557154 Trying to sell a Google Security Token to get you bank details - Banking Scam !!
Sister 15.04.2020
Unsafe Scam
They tell you they are for whatever company you need help connecting with the they get your card info after asking for it and drain it completely. They are fraudsters and they should be jailed. Lady goes by name jessica and sounds indian
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