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Rating 30%
Usage: Toll-free
Area Code: 877
International Number Format: +18778838491

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Phone Number 8778838491 Statistics

0% Unknown
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50% Scam
1 users
responded “Scam”
0% Telemarket
0 users
responded “Telemarket”
0% Harassment
0 users
responded “Harassment”
0% Debt collector
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responded “Debt collector”
0% Spam
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0% Survey
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50% Positive
1 users
responded “Positive”
Dereck 01.10.2020
Safe Positive
It seemed to actually be American Express. They asked who I was and for the reference number I was sent. I was initially contacted via text message. They were trying to reach a deceased family member, and once they were made aware, they immediately apologized and said they would take me off of the calling list.
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