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Rating 10%
Carrier: Bell Canada
Area code: 705
Province: Ontario
Primary City: Sudbury
Usage: Landline
Time Zone: EST (UTC-05:00 ) / EDT (UTC-04:00 )

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Phone Number 7056757879 Statistics

0% Unknown
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0% Scam
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0% Telemarket
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0% Harassment
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50% Debt collector
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50% Spam
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0% Survey
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0% Positive
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jay 26.11.2020
Nuisance Spam
they call everyday at around the same time and they do not stop even if you ignore for multiple days at a time
Hailey 27.12.2019
Unsafe Debt collector
This number is shown as a listing from Sudbury as a residential address belonging to a K. Pitzel. In fact, it belongs to CBV Collections/Affinity Global at 1490 Denison St. in Markham. They will be asking for your birthdate & address to 'verify' you for 'security purposes'. In this age of ID theft, I know I will not be giving my birthdate or address to anyone randomly calling me...you either know me or you don't. Plus I'm not sure if CRTC would even allow this practice of 'bait & switch' with the address let alone asking for personal ID information before revealing the intent of their call. Bonus is that the longer you keep them on the phone verifying who they are, the more it messes up their performance ratios and really P's the representative off :)
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