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Carrier: Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
Area code: 647
Province: Ontario
Primary City: Toronto
Usage: Wireless
Time Zone: EST (UTC-05:00 ) / EDT (UTC-04:00 )

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Phone Number 6476292841 Statistics

0% Unknown
0 users
responded “Unknown”
36% Scam
4 users
responded “Scam”
0% Telemarket
0 users
responded “Telemarket”
55% Harassment
6 users
responded “Harassment”
9% Debt collector
1 users
responded “Debt collector”
0% Spam
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responded “Spam”
0% Survey
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0% Positive
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J 09.07.2020
Unsafe Scam
They took $6000 and never come to do the interlocking. Please investigate this company 6478070747,4164189891,6476292841,4162014829,4164022849,6476292841,6477078199,6474002789. Megaloc or Diamond or Emerald company
Dog 06.07.2020
Unsafe Debt collector
His staff took $$$$ from the neighbor and not do the job. Do the job or return $$$$ to the neighbor
P 16.06.2020
Unsafe Harassment
Stay away from those people 6476292841, 4164189891, still harassing her on Instagram. Crazy people and criminal harassment. Government and police should investigate this company ASAP
D 10.06.2020
Unsafe Harassment
Those people left the message for her “Davis has seven seropurolent 6473703661 started first test. Skips rows as wanted. Happy recording folk. Design dialogs to your friends there” this is the threatening from those people 6476292841, 4164022849,4162014829,4164189891
F 31.05.2020
Unsafe Harassment
They called her many times with the number 6473703661 and left the messages to threaten her “A totally unexpected future. Well you guys feel. Double draft snake variation. Incoming missles predicted“ . Anything happening to her is caused by this company 6476292841,4164189891. Please investigate those people. They are criminal
F 29.05.2020
Unsafe Harassment
They sent 3 guys came to her driveway broke into her cars. They sent the messages to threaten her. Please google 6473703661. Please investigate this company ASAP 6476292841,4164189891. They hacked to her phone following her and watching her.
K 13.05.2020
Unsafe Harassment
6476154543 gave him herpes. He told his girls threatening his customers. He played a victim . Please investigate this company ASAP
H 13.05.2020
Unsafe Scam
They are hacker and scammers and threatened.They hacked to her phone. Took all of information in her phone. Tried to sign in her bank account...harassing herself and her friends. These people should stay in jail. Their phone numbers 6476292841, 4164022849,4162014829,4164189891,6472204542
DNA 17.04.2020
Unsafe Harassment
He’s better know who is he. He’s attacking his whole family With lots of kinds of phone calls: service of Canada....,and blame for someone else. He likes to play games. Just annoying. Everyone knows about it already. Leave her alone. Took her photos Her contact from iCloud. Still following her, crazy people. Should stay in jail
Sn 28.03.2020
Unsafe Scam
4169476930 one man called me at 11pm “you posted something about the president. Are you married?” I hung up the phone right away
Cathy's 16.02.2020
Unsafe Scam
Got lots of spam calls from this. Probably karma came back to them service of Canada
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