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Rating 29%
Carrier: Bell Canada
Area code: 519
Province: Ontario
Primary City: London
Usage: Landline
Time Zone: EST (UTC-05:00 ) / EDT (UTC-04:00 )

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Call Statistics

Phone Number 5194574597 Statistics

21% Unknown
3 users
responded “Unknown”
7% Scam
1 users
responded “Scam”
0% Telemarket
0 users
responded “Telemarket”
29% Harassment
4 users
responded “Harassment”
43% Debt collector
6 users
responded “Debt collector”
0% Spam
0 users
responded “Spam”
0% Survey
0 users
responded “Survey”
0% Positive
0 users
responded “Positive”
Anon 06.07.2021
Nuisance Unknown
Calls all the time and hangs up as soon as I answer. Very annoying.

Pat 16.09.2021
Nuisance Debt collector
PO'd 08.01.2021
Nuisance Harassment
Many calls per day. No messages ever left.
peter gunkel 07.01.2021
Unsafe Debt collector
this phone number belongs to CBV
SR 05.10.2020
Nuisance Debt collector
Calls repeatedly for someone I don’t know.
Mike 05.06.2020
Nuisance Debt collector
I sometimes receive up to 8 calls a day from this number, I know it’s a debt collector and have dealt with them before, after being unable to explain to me in extent what I was in collections for I began to get rude. The man said his name was Soloman, no last name nothing else just Solomon, then he wanted me to confirm with him my address and other personal information which I declined saying you should have all of the appropriate information on me if your a true collection agency. He then proceeded to get quite hostile with me telling me I don’t know anything about the financial world and insulting my intelligence. I’ve tried numerous times to block these numbers from contacting me but as soon as you do they will have another number. I believe I’ve blocked up to 5 different number all the same people, and up to 8-10 times a day from 7 am to 9 pm. I’m quite sure this is now harassment.
Stephanie 14.03.2020
Nuisance Harassment
Debt collectors that don’t seem to know the laws. Keep calling for someone else and ignoring me when I did tell them that the person they were looking for wasn’t at my number. I cannot seem to block the number for some reason, the number is on my block list yet still get through and honestly it’s super annoying.
Jerry 11.02.2020
Nuisance Unknown
3 calls in a row, around 6:40pm, didn't pick up. Caller ID says it's from London ON
LO 11.02.2020
Nuisance Unknown
tired of getting these stupid calls 5x a day.
BG 14.01.2020
Useful Debt collector
KK 08.01.2020
Neutral Harassment
Collection ageny
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