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Rating 11%
Carrier: Isp Telecom
Area code: 226
Province: Ontario
Primary City: Wheatley
Usage: Landline
Time Zone: EST (UTC-05:00 ) / EDT (UTC-04:00 )

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Call Statistics

Phone Number 2264846011 Statistics

0% Unknown
0 users
responded “Unknown”
86% Scam
6 users
responded “Scam”
0% Telemarket
0 users
responded “Telemarket”
0% Harassment
0 users
responded “Harassment”
14% Debt collector
1 users
responded “Debt collector”
0% Spam
0 users
responded “Spam”
0% Survey
0 users
responded “Survey”
0% Positive
0 users
responded “Positive”
Bonnie 01.03.2021
Nuisance Scam
Calling twice in the middle of the night at 2:00 am.
maria 22.02.2021
Nuisance Scam
Calling all hours of night now. 3, 4, 5 AM. Why do I keep getting these calls when I entered my number on the do not call list?
Liz 27.10.2020
Nuisance Scam
Got a fax saying we were past due for an online business listing that we never purchased nor approved if. It also said it was past due and detrimental to our credit rating. Company name on fax is J W Publication out of Quebec
Anne 17.09.2020
Unsafe Scam
SEO Services faxed saying we are past due & final notice, and I have never used or heard of this company. Super annoying. Invoice says its past their terms and could have a detrimental effect on my credit rating. I am not impressed and will check with my lawyer on how I can put a STOP to these threats
Miles 15.09.2020
Unsafe Scam
Just as Mike describes it, this is a scam fax invoice that says payment is overdue for SEO services that have never been solicited or rendered.
Lisa 11.08.2020
Nuisance Debt collector
SEO Services faxes at least once a week saying we are past due, final notice to the company that I work for... who isn't even base in Calgary and have never used or heard of this company. Super annoying. I have asked on multiple occasions for them to stop faxing... they don't
Mike Webster 10.08.2020
Unsafe Scam
This is a scammer who operates under several business names including SEO Services Inc and 411mybusiness.ca. They send out fraudulent invoices to companies for SEO services that were neither ordered nor delivered.
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