Antigonish area code list

By localizing the person or company making unwanted calls, you will be able to find out more about them and think about how to prevent future calls. Search for any Antigonish area code in our directory to see who is disturbing you.

Province: Nova Scotia
Area codes: 902

On this page, you can also see Antigonish carrier statistics - there are several mobile providers in the area, and it could be interesting to know which one has the biggest number of users and what number types are more typical for different networks.

Usage Statistics
Carrier Statistics

Finally, our Antigonish phone numbers list includes both landline and wireless phones so that you could easily identify a caller, regardless of what kind of telephone they use.

Prefix Usage Carrier
(902) 318 - Landline Telus Mobility
(902) 338 - Wireless Aliant Telecom (mobility)
(902) 714 - Wireless Bragg Communications Inc.
(902) 735 - Landline Bragg Communications Inc.
(902) 863 - Landline Aliant Telecom (ns)
(902) 867 - Landline Aliant Telecom (ns)
(902) 870 - Landline Aliant Telecom (mobility)
(902) 872 - Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
(902) 968 - Landline Aliant Telecom (ns)
(902) 971 - Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
(902) 995 - Wireless Fido Solutions Inc.